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            Welcome to the official website of Changzhou Jinkun Food Machinery Co., Ltd.


            The working principle and use of the slicer

            Key word:The working principle and use of the slicer 

            The working principle of the slicer is very simple, that is, using the sharp cutter face of the slicer, cut the food materials according to the required proportion and specifications. This machine can be used in many places. Different machines have different slicing ways and regulations. The machine is also needed in the paper industry. The cutter disc machine is made up of a knife plate, a casing, a feeding slot and a transmission device. The principle of working is to use a heavy knife plate to play the role of the flywheel and stabilize the slice. Another kind of machine is to cut the material into particles. The machine is made up of a guide bar and a rotating cutter plate. The principle of this machine is to use the transmission of the cutter disk and change by the size of the desired particle size. The speed can be adjusted by itself.

            The use of the slicer is widely used, most of the programs used in food and medicinal materials, such as materials, and slicing, in order to facilitate the next program, the processing of slicing will be very critical. Most of the food is used in the frozen meat slice treatment, for the sake of beauty and convenience; the treatment of medicinal materials can be based on different medicinal materials. The shape cut can be cut into horizontal and oblique slices, each slice is thin and equal, and the shape is beautiful. The machine can transform different blades to adjust the thickness, easy to use and slicing. It is easy to operate and so on.

            The food slicer is suitable for cutting no bone meat and other elastic fifteen, cut the meat material into flaky objects. The machine is very compact, beautiful, easy to operate, easy to learn, easy to maintain clean and sanitary, high efficiency, low power consumption, safe and safe. The cutting effect can be automatically made into rolls. It is an indispensable processing machine for hotels, hotpot shops and merchandise stores, and some processing machinery will often be seen in the market.



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            Address:Guancheng village, Luoyang Town, Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu


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